Dental Advertising

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Dental Advertising

The Best Dental Advertising Methods

Dental marketing or dental advertising is one of the most crucial aspects of running a practice and, when you rely on Patient News for assistance, we provide sophisticated data-driven campaigns that you need to succeed.

There are a number of ways to get the word out about your practice and we are here to help you determine which is right for your office and how to execute them well.

The more you are able to learn about all of our dental advertising methods and how they can assist your business, the easier it will be to make the right choice for your unique dental practice marketing plan. Here's how we can help you:

Marketing Plans

Dental advertising in the modern era needs to have a digital marketing component. You need to embrace this reality ... and we can help. We draw on our years of experience (since 1993!) to provide you with the insights that you need to improve your practice's online presence continually and achieve outstanding performance.

Patient News knows how to turn your website clicks into conversions, positively impacting your bottom line.

We examine each and every aspect of your digital marketing plan to make sure that you are not leaving anything to chance. The accuracy of your listings is one of the first areas that we address.

Your website's overall structure and level of search engine optimization is examined more closely as well.

We will also take a look at your online reputation management to ensure you're in control of how your practice is presented online to prospective patients. If any changes need to be made, you'll know about it and can react quickly.

We'll also help you with your social media campaigns and email dental advertising plans!

Gathering Intelligence

Businesses, including dentists, do not have access to the best tools to gather business intelligence. That's why Patient News is standing by ... so that we can assist you with this key step of each and every advertising campaign your practice executes.

At Patient News, we know how to remove the element of surprise from your dental advertising planning by providing you with solid factual business intelligence – for your unique practice. Information that you need to launch a successful campaign.

Our years of experience have taught us a lot. Imagine having over 2.5 decades of marketing experience exclusively in the dental industry at your fingertips!

We make your effective, state-of-the-art dental marketing easy. And you can be sure you are going to get the best results for your business.

Don't waste your money on dental advertising that is sent to the wrong people or that doesn't offer your audience what they want. We will help you zero in on your ideal target audience and ensure your communication with them is exactly what they want to hear.

Sending Direct Mail

There are some who may be shaking their heads, thinking that direct mail campaigns are outdated. However, when you send a well-planned, consistent, content-driven marketing piece and start seeing a 3:1 ROI, you will know this dental advertising method is far from obsolete.

Those who wish to achieve 100% reach into the homes of potential patients who live near your practice, rely heavily on direct mail. We have the know-how you need to craft a direct mail campaign that speaks honestly and directly to your ideal target audience.

With assistance from Patient News, you can experience the benefits of the best custom-crafted standout direct mail dental advertising campaign.


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