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Influencer Agency Atlanta

When searching for the right influencer agency in Atlanta, there are three types of agencies you should beware of. One is a talent agency, one is a full-service agency, and the other is a pretender agency. Obviously, no one wants to work with a pretender agency, but what's the difference between the first two? Talent agencies are like People Store and Houghton Talent Inc.-- very good agencies to work with overall. You also have full-service agencies like Milk and Butter Social who provide services from end to end and have their own databases of influencers. We'll discuss who the pretenders are and what they do later.

Choosing the Right Kind of Influencer Agency in Atlanta

Milk and Butter Social is a digital marketing agency first with an emphasis on influencer marketing. Why one over the other?
A talent agency is one with an experienced team in-house that works with your company and understands how to do influencer marketing. However, they tend to become very expensive because most of these kinds of agencies don't know how to optimize campaigns.

Full-service agencies like Milk and Butter social handle influencer campaigns from end to end with you making milestone decisions along the way. Typically, we are able to achieve much lower rates for our clients, usually around 50% less than if they went alone. Therefore, our influencer agency in Atlanta pays for itself just in savings alone! Even better; we know how to do influencer marketing campaigns to maximize your revenue, signups, or whatever goal you have. A full-service agency, such as our own, knows how to tie in your influencer marketing with all of the other aspects of digital marketing for optimal results.

Also, just to clarify, B2C is much different than B2B, so when you work with an influencer agency in Atlanta, make sure that you understand what they are talking about before committing to a contract.

Who are the Pretender Agencies?

Please, whatever you do, don't be duped by the pretenders, who are usually PR companies. This isn't to say that all PR companies are pretenders, but other PR companies or marketing agencies pretending to do influencer marketing often outsource your work to other influencer marketers and then mark up the price that you pay them. Essentially, you think they are doing the work for you, but they are no more than middlemen at best!


To summarize, there are three types of agencies out there:

1. Talent Agencies: Such as People Store and Houghton Talent Inc.

2. Full-Service Agencies: Agencies like Milk and Butter Social who work with our own database of influencers

3. Pretenders: There are a lot of pretenders out there who claim they know the influencer market, but they really don't.

Taking a little time and researching each agency can save you from a bad experience. If you are looking for an influencer agency in Atlanta, Milk and Butter Social invites you to begin your search with us.

Influencer Agency Atlanta

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Influencer Marketing Atlanta

Milk and Butter Social can help your company leverage influencer marketing for brand expansion and revenue enhancement. It is crucial to choose a marketing company that knows how to properly plan, implement, and manage your influencer marketing in Atlanta, as influencer marketing is a specialized field of marketing and requires special knowledge, skills, training, and experience -- for example, knowing which social media platforms to use.

There are three social media platforms that we use for influencer marketing as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Moreover, Snapchat isn't doing as well as it once was, so in many cases, we will focus on Facebook and Instagram.

How Not to Leverage Influence Marketing in Atlanta

When it comes to influencer marketing, you will need to find out if your fans are relevant or not before going after them. If not, then your efforts won't succeed anyway! Many people make the same mistake of going after influencers who have lots of followers, trying to get them to promote whatever it is they are trying to promote. And while a large following and notoriety are essential for successful influencer marketing, it isn't the only thing that matters!

Let's say you own a digital marketing company, sort of like Milk and Butter Social. You come across a major athlete who tells you to donate $10,000 to his or her charity, and they will help you to promote your stuff. You might be excited at first because this well-known athlete has a huge following of millions of loyal fans. However, this athlete is an athlete, and your business is a marketing agency. What do the two have in common? Actually, the athlete, despite his or her large following, can't help your business because the two are not related. You have to leverage influencers the right way!

How Long Does it Take to Make Money With Influencer Marketing?

A lot of our clients mistakenly assume that influencer marketing will be an instant success, but this simply isn't true! The fact is; you will need to post continually for at least six months to be successful. It's not going to matter if even the most famous person talks about you once -- they have to talk about you over and over for a period of time -- usually six months or so. Sure, you can begin to see increased sales and brand awareness within as short a period as a few months, but six months is usually the full cycle for influencer marketing where you will begin to see your sales take off.

Let Us Take Care of it for You

Milk and Butter Social can help you immensely in your influencer marketing in Atlanta, especially by creating the quality of content you need for influencer marketing. Sometimes, we can even negotiate with the influencers to let our clients exchange products or services in exchange for marketing. This isn't always the case, but still, we can negotiate the best price for you. Contact Milk and Butter Social to get started.


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