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Restaurant Social Media Company

There are few industries that are helped by social media as much as the restaurant and food service industries are. No matter where you live in the world, people love to dine out! Of course, some people can afford to do so on a more frequent basis than others, but the fact remains! The number of ways in which restaurants benefit from social media are numerous, and Milk and Butter Social is a restaurant social media company that can help your establishment achieve its goals on social media.

What's the Best Social Media for Restaurants?

As a restaurant owner or manager, you likely have a presence on Facebook already, or you are ready to begin one. Either way, Milk and Butter Social can help! However, you probably shouldn't be limiting yourself to just Facebook. Although not all social media platforms are beneficial for restaurants, there are a lot of other social media platforms that can do the same thing Facebook does.

The following are a few of the social media platforms that you may not yet be on that you should.

YouTube: Although you might think, "why would I put my restaurant on YouTube," this can be a good idea for some restaurants. YouTube has a keyword-based search engine, so if you can find good enough keywords, YouTube might be a good platform to get more traffic to your website or to your restaurant.

However, you should note upfront that you will need a very unique and creative strategy for YouTube. Unless your restaurant is in Manhattan, you probably won't have too many people searching for restaurants in your area on YouTube. But you can make "how to" videos, showing some of your best recipes and dishes, as well as other aspects of your restaurant.

Pinterest: This is a picture-based social media platform that allows users to connect with other people who are interested in similar topics. Again, with a bit of a creative strategy, Pinterest could be profitable for you, especially if you can ship items.

Instagram: This platform is owned by Facebook and has a very large community, just like Facebook! Instagram (IG) is a picture and video-based social media platform that allows users to interact and engage with each other easily. Most restaurants should be on Instagram!

Also, depending on a number of factors, including the size of your city, the nature of your restaurant, and a slew of other factors; Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms could benefit your restaurant substantially. Your restaurant should also be listed on the popular listing websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Angie's List, etc. Again, Milk and Butter social is a restaurant social media company that can help you sort it all out.

Trust Us

Let Milk and Butter Social take care of it all for you. Managing or building up a following on even one social platform can be a full-time job by itself. Trust a restaurant social media company like ours to do it for you.

Restaurant Social Media Company

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Social Media Agency Atlanta

Don't listen to the self-styled Internet gurus when it comes to choosing a social media agency in Atlanta. There is a lot of good advice online, but there is also a lot of bad advice! If you are not knowledgeable or even an expert in digital marketing, then you may not know which advice is good and which advice isn't. For example, there are a lot of Internet "experts" telling people that social media, or that particular social media platforms, are dead to bloggers, webmasters, and ecommerce stores. But is this true?

Honestly, there has never been a better time for social media marketing! It's just not as easy as it once was, and that's because (in most instances) social media companies want to accomplish two things:

1. They want to make money from the marketing that takes place on their platforms

2. They want to make sure that users have a good experience, and in their minds, this often translates to rescuing their users from questionable marketing or marketing that goes against the core values of the platform's executives

Choose Milk and Butter to Be Your Social Media Agency in Atlanta

With that said, marketing on social media can still be lucrative in many ways. The problem is that most everyday people don't know how to strategize and attack the subject of social media marketing. Fortunately for them, there is Milk and Butter Social, the best social media agency in Atlanta!

Our agents are experts in every aspect of social media marketing and management. When you partner with our team, you can rest assured that we will put together a plan of attack that is centered around your business, your niche/industry, and your specific needs and goals. In this sense, the action steps involved with your social media campaign will be highly customized.

Managing Your Social Media Following

A lot of our clients either have fledgling social media accounts or no social media accounts at all. In these cases, Milk and Butter Social can build up a client's social media following, acquiring high-quality followers. However, this process takes a few months, and there is no way around it.

Comparatively, Milk and Butter Social gets fast results for our clients, but still, you don't want to rush it or pay for followers that are mostly bots and don't care anything about what you offer to the world. You want quality, relevant followers that are acquired organically!

The Need for an Experienced Social Media Agency in Atlanta

You may think, I could just manage my own social media needs and save money, but before long, you will realize that social media outsourcing makes more sense. It can be a full-time job to manage just one social media account. For example, being active on social media takes time. You have to create text, video, and image-based content. You have to promote that content correctly.

Further, you have to give something to get something on social media, which means you have to interact with your followers' content as well. Now, imagine if you have more than one social media account!

Top Social Media Agency in Atlanta

If you are going to hire a social media agency in Atlanta, you would naturally want to work with the top social media agency in Atlanta if you could afford to. Right? While Milk and Butter Social is not arrogant or naive to imply that we know your budget, we have discovered that most clients can afford our services. How is Milk and Butter Social the superior social media agency around? Well, in a number of ways! Let's consider them.

A Results-Oriented Social Media Agency in ATL 

Milk and Butter Social doesn't make its claim to be the top social media agency in Atlanta lightly. We've got a little bit of evidence to support our claims. First, and probably most importantly, Milk and Butter Social is above-average in terms of the results we get for our clients. But how do we gauge results? Since each social media campaign that we manage is customized, we gauge success based on whether or not we reach or exceed our clients' goals and objectives within the time frames agreed to and within the budget they set. Proudly, Milk and Butter Social accomplishes this on a consistent basis!

Another signal that tells us Milk and Butter Social is the top social media agency in Atlanta is our client feedback. Overall, we can honestly say that our clients leave us great reviews and seem to be very pleased with the results we achieve for them. Naturally, when an agency delivers on its promises, it should be expected that its clients will be satisfied, and so it is the case with Milk and Butter Social.

Our Clients Value the Unrivaled Honesty and Transparency They Get from Milk and Butter Social

One of the things that our clients seem to appreciate most from us is the high degree of transparency that we provide. Providing transparency, in part, means that we make ourselves available to our clients at all times. You can expect to hear back from us ASAP if you feel that your questions, needs, or concerns are somewhat trivial. Our commitment to transparency comes from the fact that we appreciate our clients' business, and we want to keep your business and maybe even get a recommendation from you.

We've Got Your Back No Matter What!

Of course, being a top social media agency in Atlanta also assumes that our clients expect us to provide a high level of support, and you'll be pleased to learn that Milk and Butter Social does just that! We take the time to educate, talk with, and listen to our clients, which in and of itself, sets us apart from other social media agencies. We want you to be in the loop so you can participate in the success of your social media campaign. This is why we provide detailed anytime reporting where you can analyze key metrics of your social media campaign and see how your investment is paying off.

These are but a few reasons why Milk and Butter Social is the top social media agency in Atlanta. We invite you to work with us and discover all of the other reasons personally.

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